Consultant Brain and Spine Surgeon:

Consultant Brain and Spine Surgeon, Park Clinic

Hony. Professor of Neurosurgery:

VIMS (Calcutta University)(Telemedicine Consult Available)

Dr. Sandip Chatterjee

MBBS (Cal), FRCS. Ed., DNB(Surg.)
MNAMS(Neurosurg.), FRCS(Neurasurg.)

Prizes & Awards

1. National Prize of School Leaving Examinations.
2. Honorable Mention-Jagdish Chandra Bose Science Talent Search Scholarship.
3. Senior Class Assistant's Prize in Surgery.
4. Government Prize in Clinical Surgery.
5. Wilson Silver Medal in Operative Surgery.
6. Goodeve Medal in Surgical Anatomy.
7. University Gold Medal in Surgery.
8. Silver Medal in Opthalmic surgery.
9. Senior Prosector's Prize in Anatomy.
10. Silver Casket in Pathology.
11. Senior Class Assistant's Prize in Pathology.
12. Girish Ch. Ghosh Prize in Pathology.
13. Certificate of Honours in Opthalmology.
14. Mother Teressa International Award.