Consultant Brain and Spine Surgeon:

Consultant Brain and Spine Surgeon, Park Clinic

Hony. Professor of Neurosurgery:

VIMS (Calcutta University)(Telemedicine Consult Available)

Dr. Sandip Chatterjee

MBBS (Cal), FRCS. Ed., DNB(Surg.)
MNAMS(Neurosurg.), FRCS(Neurasurg.)

Pediatric Disorders

Pediatric Neurosurgery- needs a dedicated team of neurosurgeons , paediatricians, neo natal and pediatric intensivists and nursing personnel with a focus on caring for children. Today, Pediatric Neurosurgery has extremely good results in Institutions that have such a team to focus on Pedatric Neurosciences. This involves operations on the Brain and spine. Pediatric Brain tumors and Congenital spinal disorders are the commonest problems faced by Neurosurgeons.Radiation Oncologists and Endocrinologists are also involved in the adjunct and long term therapy of such children.

Pediatric Brain Tumors :

Brain tumors in children typically come from different tissues than those affecting adults. Treatments that are fairly well tolerated by the adult brain (like radiation therapy) may prevent normal development of a child's brain, especially in children younger than age 5.

It is estimated that in 2005, 3,410 new cases of childhood primary nonmalignant and malignant brain and central nervous system tumors were diagnosed. Of these cases, an estimated 2,590 were in children 15 and younger.

Other Pediatric Conditions :

In today's society, we hear a lot about issues that can have a profound effect on the pediatric patient's learning abilities and social interactions. Conditions such as ADHD, autism, Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy and childhood obesity are more prevalent now and need to be dealt with in a professional but helpful manner.

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) :

Although first described in 1845, this condition appears to be on the increase in current years. It may first be apparent in preschool, while others cases are diagnosed in late adolescence and even adulthood. The most classic symptoms of ADHD are:

Pediatric Brain Tumors :

  Being overly impulsive

  Unable to maintain attention during important tasks


Usually the child is viewed as one who is disruptive and highly active. Another child with ADHD might be a day dreamer. Poor concentration is a term often used to describe the patient. This condition is difficult to diagnose as these symptoms may also be an indication of other physical or emotional