Consultant Brain and Spine Surgeon:

Consultant Brain and Spine Surgeon, Park Clinic

Hony. Professor of Neurosurgery:

VIMS (Calcutta University)(Telemedicine Consult Available)

Dr. Sandip Chatterjee

MBBS (Cal), FRCS. Ed., DNB(Surg.)
MNAMS(Neurosurg.), FRCS(Neurasurg.)

Neurovascular Diseases

Neurovascular diseases affect the cerebral vascular system and the spinal cord. Treatment of these pathologies is one of the key areas in our clinic. The neurovascular section of the neurosurgical clinic is headed by Dr. Christian Schichor, consultant neurosurgeon.

Neurovascular diseases are :


  Dural Arteriovenous Fistula

  Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM, Angioma)


  Cerebral Hemorrhage


Since neurovascular diseases always develop highly complex disease patterns, we have built up longtime experience in this focus and most modern treatment options are offered, which are always discussed with neuroradiologists, neurologists, radiation therapists, and radiosurgeons.